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Not all Pilate’s instructors are created equal – The Body Refinery

Do you know what training your Pilates instructor has had to be teaching you? This is a really important question to ask and understand why it is important.

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Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates, having had asthma and other ailments Joseph Pilates turned to exercise to battle his health challenges. Using his knowledge base on various exercises and the idea of man being balanced in body mind and spirit he developed Contrology now known as Pilates. Pilates has developed since Joseph Pilate’s death and has been used as a rehabilitation tool as well as an exercise tool.

Pilates exercise helps us physically and mentally. Physically, Pilates exercise develops balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Mentally, Pilates exercise reduces stress, helps with focus and relaxation, and assists in developing self- awareness, self-control and self-esteem. Pilates also helps to prevent and reduce sports injuries. Breathing is an extremely important principle in Pilates.

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Because of the way Pilates can affect the body it can be a dangerous tool in the hands of someone who does not understand it, especially once the springs of the equipment are introduced and loading the body. All to frequently I have seen clients at The Body Refinery come in for physiotherapy due to injury from Pilates they have done elsewhere. The other concern for me as a Physiotherapist and business owner of a Pilates and physiotherapy studio is when people present to me for a job claiming to be Pilates instructors who do not know what the equipment is called and can’t answer how to make a modification for certain pathologies.

Pilates is a great exercise form but it is not about just adding springs to make it harder. An understanding of what the load does to movement is vital. It is only with this understanding that you will get a true Reformer Pilates Classes & work out in a safe supported environment.

In order to teach Pilates in Australia and have the best understanding of the technique you need to complete a diploma. A diploma of Pilates takes between 12-18 months to complete (about 450 hours) and gives you a complete understanding of the history of the exercises, the rehabilitation applications, the pathologies you are likely to come across and the anatomy needed to understand. On top of all the theory there is an expectation during the diploma you experience all the exercises in your body. This practical component of the diplomas means that you better understand the applications of the exercises and how to teach it.

At The Body Refinery only employ diploma level qualified Pilate’s instructors & Sports Physiotherapists, meaning that you can be sure your instructor is teaching with knowledge and understanding along with respect for the Pilates method.

The Body Refinery has two practices in Brisbane, providing a unique environment which merges the disciplines of physiotherapy, Pilates and other strength and conditioning activities to optimize movement for a healthy, fit and fulfilling life.

The Physiotherapy New Farm at the Body Refinery can help improve your general health and fitness, assist with rehabilitation from an injury or illness, and enhance their patients’ sporting performances.

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